Stunt Vid 2 Title Card.

Stunt Vid 2 is the second released video in the Stunt Vid series of videos. It was filmed and uploaded on June 25, 2015. It is the first released video in the series to feature more than one character. Stunt Vid 2 initiates the huge story arc that will conclude in Stunt Vid 10. It establishes the Westerly Serial Killer's existence and is the first Stunt Vid episode in which any of the characters die. 

The video starts with the characters doing stunts, and as the video goes on, gradually, characters are killed off. By the end of the video, only three characters are left alive, with one being unconscious. The two characters who are left alive are Joel Henroy and Tyler Irwin.

In the final scene, Joel's crimes are revealed, and he is seemingly killed by the ghosts of those he murdered. However, in the final moments, it is revealed that Joel is not dead.

Characters and Statuses (By the end of the video)

Stunt Vid 2: Director's Cut

Stunt Vid 2: Director's Cut is an extended version of Stunt Vid 2 featuring additional scenes that were mistakenly left out of the original cut. This includes the limbo scene.


  • This is the only Stunt Vid in the series to feature a Disturbed song.
  • This is the first Stunt Vid to feature a Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain song in it's soundtrack. Originally intended to be used in Stunt Vid 2's original cut, it was left out do to an oversight. However the song was restored with an additional scene that was added in Stunt Vid 2: Directors Cut.