This page contains spoilers pertaining to the main plot of the Stunt Vid series. Please, read at your own risk.

Stunt Vid 7 is the upcoming seventh main installment in the Stunt Vid series of videos. Its central characters will be The Pig, Dispatch and Sam Parmeseano.

It has now become quite expected for the Stunt Vid Crew to be mysteriously resurrected after each series of murders, but the Westerly Police Company and Inter-Dimensional Agency continue to struggle to find the root cause.

The culprit takes his victims during the stunting sequence, and The Pig takes him in. Due to his close connection with the culprit, The Pig and Dispatch begin to question things further.

As the investigation continues, Dispatch is made an offer from an old friend of The Pig's, which he finds difficult to refuse. Upon discovering Dispatch's betrayal of his trust, The Pig leaves the Westerly Police Company and severs his ties with Dispatch.

To escalate things further, Agent A. becomes the prime suspect in the Westerly Serial Killer case, due to his knowledge of time and interdimensional travel, and is forced to retreat.

After this, Detective B. decides to leave the investigation solely to Dispatch, as they cannot agree that Agent A. committed these crimes.

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